Maker Faire 2017 – “Smart Outlet Show and Tell”

A friend of mine first told me about this event called “Maker Faire” back in 2012 and asked if I was interested in going. It looked very interesting and I thought to myself “why not!?”. That was the seminal moment that got me hooked on the Maker Movement – after the event, I got a trial membership at Techshop, took a few classes in woodworking, metal working and rapid prototyping, got my first Arduino and Raspberry Pi and have never looked back! I have been back at Maker Faire every year since, and go on both Saturday and Sunday to be able to take it all in (and still don’t get to check everything out!)!

This was the first year that I decided that I should present something at Maker Faire – and I decided to talk about this project I had been working on for the last year. Here is the excerpt from my Maker Faire 2017 submission

“BuffI the ampere slayer” is a smart outlet project that I developed for Power Integrations. In this demonstration, I will show the capabilities of the smart outlet – remote actuation, USB port, low no-load consumption, and metering data, showing various energy consumption parameters on the app.

It was a lot of fun presenting. My only regret was that preparing to present and presenting took away from my time checking everything out, but I figured it was my time to give back to the Maker community! I also wish I had gotten more than 15 minutes (my 15 minutes of fame?!) to present – there was so much to talk about!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my presentation from Maker Faire, which my lovely wife Archana took a video of – thanks Archana! 🙂